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The growing popularity of the Internet has shifted a significant number of people to online shopping. Most customers prefer to visit online shops instead of visiting their physical stores. Recent polls have revealed that over 70% of customers shop online.

The Internet has eliminated the limitations of search.
People no longer have to drive to many shops to find the essentials, as they can find everything in e-shops. From start-ups to small businesses, a huge number of companies can benefit from launching an e-shop where they can sell a variety of products and services that meet specific customer requirements.


When you have an online presence, you can count the popular items and deal with a certain number of products. This way, you will be able to expand your product range at a small overhead cost. After all, you won’t need extra staff. Also, marketing and advertising will cost you less when you run an e-shop.

Having an online store allows you to effectively promote products, offers, combinations, discounts and so on, without having to undertake additional training of your employees. You can focus not only on promoting specific products and offers, but also on personalising your customers’ experience. You can create valuable loyalty programs by collecting useful information about your customers and using that information to create more effective marketing campaigns.

As millions of people have easy access to the internet, you can reach a wider range of audiences, not just locally but around the world. You will therefore have more opportunities to grow your business.

An online shop is available 24/7, so customers will visit your e-shop at any time. People these days are choosing to shop online, so if your business offers this option, you’ll be able to appeal to a wide range of customers looking for a flexible and convenient experience.

Providing your existing customers with a flexible option to buy online from anywhere and at any time will allow them to receive excellent service through your e-shop. As a result, this will deepen the customer experience and help you retain them for longer.

In today’s highly competitive world, many entrepreneurs or even businesses founded years ago face a big challenge to stand out. Also, most consumers prefer to shop from home. Based on the above, starting an e-shop will be a profitable business as you will provide consumers with flexible solutions along with a variety of products and services.




The WooCommerce platform, is an excellent software and is preferred by millions of businesses. Connected to WordPress it offers many useful features such as order tracking, delivery status updates, inventory management and more. Woocommerce allows the store owner to accept payment via Stripe and Paypal. It also allows users to pay via debit and credit cards, bank transfer and cash on delivery. The secure payment gateway makes it the best e-commerce platform.




Each product includes all the necessary information, whether it is a physical product or a digital product. The title, descriptions, photos, color, dimensions, are some of the information that the customer will find in the product or in the filters.


User account

A customer visiting the online store can complete an order as a visitor or by creating an account. By creating an account, the user can view their orders and history and save their details.


Automated emails

The administrator is informed by automatic emails when there is a new order, when an order is cancelled or when the customer is unable to complete the payment. The customer is also automatically informed when the order is waiting, being processed or has been completed.


Payment methods

We give the customer who visits the e-shop the opportunity to pay by credit/debit card, bank deposit, cash on delivery (with extra charge) or pick up from the store.


Order management

Through WooCommerce, the administrator can have full management of orders. That is, it can monitor whether an order is completed, pending, in processing or has been cancelled.


Responsive Design

More than half of online business searches are initiated from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, which is why we design in three dimensions, desktop, tablet and mobile. Otherwise it is a serious reason for the decrease in traffic.

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