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LALiKOS WINES LALiKOS WINES The winery of Kostas Lalikos with its large vineyards has been giving us for decades its excellent wines, producing fine grapes. So it was our pleasure to design and build the website to present the history and labels of the winery. PROJECT Website CUSTOMER Lalikos Konstantinos & LP Co YEAR December […]

Meyia Studios

Meyia Meyia

MEYIA STUDIOS Meyia Studios Vasiliki has six beautiful studios in the centre of Thessaloniki. Modern, clean and very welcoming. With the above in mind, we designed a website for her where the visitor can easily view the studios and the area, contact or make a reservation. PROJECT Website CUSTOMER Vassiliki Sahpatzidou & LP Co YEAR […]

Agricultural Centre

Γεωπονικό Κέντρο Γεωπονικό Κέντρο

AGRICULTURAL CENTRE Agricultural Centre Grigoris Timosidis wanted a website, which would emphasize the services as well as the products it is able to make available to its customers. We emphasized the above with a clean and modern design, with shades of nature and earth. PROJECT Website CUSTOMER Timosides G. & CO., LTD. YEAR June 2022 […]

Dianas Meals

Dianasmeals Dianasmeals

DIANAS MEALS Dianas Meals After the success she had on Instagram uploading delicious recipes, Diana asked us to design and build a blog site. Based on the logo, we created shades that highlight the client’s identity while designing a clean and modern frame with an emphasis on functionality. PROJECT Blog CUSTOMER Katzomiti Diana YEAR March […]


Articon Articon

ARTICON Articon A beautiful collaboration with Articon-Design, which specializes in creating icons for mobile & desktop apps, brochures etc. Articon wanted an one-page website with pleasing colours to the eye, some animations and quick access to the package purchase. Payment is done with a few clicks through the Stripe platform, one of the best solutions […]

Apicultural Cooperative Thasos

Μελισσοκομικός Θάσου Μελισσοκομικός Θάσου

APICULTURAL COOPERATIVE THASOS Apicultural Cooperative Thasos One of the most profitable cooperatives of its kind, the Apicultural Cooperative Thasos, entrusted us with the construction of its website. The aim was mainly to promote the products and the history of the Cooperative. We created the website in two languages, focusing on simplicity, light colours and easy […]

Sevi Herbs

SeviHerbs 1 SeviHerbs 1

SEVI HERBS Sevi Herbs Giorgos Antoniadis entrusted us with the design and development of the website and the e-shop, for the promotion of his products. We created a modern and relaxing website, with an emphasis on the excellent herbs he produces himself. PROJECT E-shop CUSTOMER Antoniadis Giorgos YEAR May 2020 See the website See the […]


Megairtech Megairtech

MEGAIRTECH Megairtech One of the largest companies in the industry, Mega Air Technologies, trusted us for the design and development of their website. We have designed a modern frame, but with the corresponding seriousness that Megairtech deserves, with easy navigation, emphasis on products and company information. PROJECT Website CUSTOMER Megairtech YEAR March 2020 See the […]

Protopapas Estate

Κτήμα Πρωτόπαπα Κτήμα Πρωτόπαπα

PROTOPAPAS ESTATE Protopapas Estate The Protopapas Estate wanted to promote its already well-known wines through an e-shop. We designed a functional website, with easy navigation for the customer and direct access to the varieties of products, while it is also easy to complete a purchase, thanks to Woocommerce. PROJECT E-shop CUSTOMER Protopapas Estate YEAR August […]

Cereals of Pangeon

Δημητριακά Παγγαίου Δημητριακά Παγγαίου

CEREALS OF PANGEON Cereals of Pangeon A simple, modern, informative website was requested for the Cereals of Pangeon. We designed two pages, one with information about the company and one for contact. We also undertook the design of the logo, which is consistent with the company’s identity. PROJECT Website CUSTOMER Ioannidis Nikos YEAR April 2018 […]


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